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Lesson Plans

National Marine Sanctuaries Lesson Plans



Focus is on overfishing of sharks.

This lesson will focus on human beings as predators, specifically in coral reef ecosystems. Issues
examined include over-fishing, pollution, global warming, coastal development, and passive

"predatory" behavior that results from neglecting marine resources.

This lesson is a follow-up to Natural Disasters—Exploring Plate Tectonics . This lesson will focus on the
interaction of hot spot volcanism and plate tectonics and will build upon basic knowledge of

plate tectonics gathered in the previous lesson.


 In this lesson, students will explore the biodiversity of two National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) national marine sanctuaries.


 In My Opinion - Writing a formal letter to an elected official on an environmental


Filter Feeding in Reef Sponges - Observe an describe filter-feeding in sponges and explore the ecological role of sponges on coral reefs.


Exploring National Marine Sanctuaries - Diverse marine ecosystems and protection of their natural and cultural resources.


The Changing Coral Reef Community Game - Observe and track changes in the species composition on a coral reef as various factors and environmental influences affect the populations reef inhabitants.

The coral reef community game cards for this lesson can be downloaded form here

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