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kz revolution recirculating cone skimmer

Korallen Zucht (“KZ”), makers of Zeovit, has shown their new in-sump recirculating skimmer design for their colorful Revolution Cone Skimmer line. The design pulls water from the base of the skimmer through the lockline tubing, while also drawing water through the sump–first passing through a prefilter (the blue container, lower right). Water is then pumped through KZ’s becket-like injector which injects an air and water mixture into the cone. Some may remember that Becket stopped making their  #1408 foam head a few years back. KZ took cues from the design and modified it for improved low-pressure use by adding additional air holes.

The idea of this recirculating design is to increase reaction time in the skimmer and it should also reduce turbulence as less water is being processed. GBD is told this design will only be offered on the Revolution S and Revolution M models. As expected it will cost a bit more money–expect these to hit retailers in 6 wks.

kz recirculating cone skimmer

KZ has also added on a small, but effective gate valve design to fine tune the water height in the skimmer. Don’t be surprised to see more skimmer manufacturers take this route. Quality gate valves are large and expensive. With the minimal pressure they face when use as a skimmer, it makes sense to make your own, smaller, and less expensive version. Plus you get more neon orange this way.

Thomas and KZ is also working with an economy skimmer, designed to be effective and affordable. Initial prototypes were seen in white at InterZoo, but there is no definitive word if this will in fact be sold.

[Thanks to Alexander Girz for the images and information]

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