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Bob Fenner shares the inside details of opening up a new Fiji Collection Facility

Nov 17

Written by: Adam Blundell
11/17/2011 11:42 AM  RssIcon

 Bob Fenner has a new talk covering his work with a new collection station in Fiji.  He doesn't speak often so if you have a chance, don't miss it...

 Bob Fenner has spent the better part of his life diving, writing, drinking, and traveling to far off tropical locations.  What a chump!  Okay fine, we love Bob and we’re excited for the new work he’s doing .  Bob is helping out with the efforts of Walt Smith International to establish additional collection sites in Fiji.  Bob’s a tough one to book for events.  His travel schedule and lifestyle don’t allow for him to commit to many gigs.  As you’d expect his talk is very enjoyable and built upon direct experience. 

How will the new collection sites help out hobby, and help to provide sustainable collection?  Check out Bob’s presentation when you get a chance.

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